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Our Story

Founded by two sisters, natives of Trinidad who were raised in the heart of New York City, 2 Chix opened its doors for dine-in in 2022. Since then, Tinnil, one of the founders, has taken the reins as the owner and operator, infusing her passion for both her cultural heritage and the city she calls home. Adding a family touch, her younger brother joined as the head cook in the early years. Since opening its doors, 2 Chix has quickly become a cherished part of the local dining scene.

What sets 2 Chix apart is their delectable menu, expertly blending the best of Trinidadian flavors with quintessential New York staples. From the mouthwatering bake & salt fish, a true taste of Trinidad, to their inventive spin on the classic NY staple bacon, egg, and cheese nestled between pink waffles, every dish is a journey of taste and tradition.

Moreover, the ambiance at 2 Chix is a visual feast in itself. The decor tells a story that begins with a vivid tribute to the iconic landmarks of New York, painted in striking hues of pink. As you venture further into the restaurant, you're transported to the heart of Trinidad, with an immersive island and jungle theme that evokes a sense of tropical bliss.